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Buying Viagra that is marketed through email is also a really bad idea.  The most reputable online pharmacies are not behind those annoying messages that pollute your inbox with solicitations to buy Viagra. But before you pop that discounted capsule or tablet in your mouth, you might want to consider the real price of such pills. Chances are, if an Internet pharmacy deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The World Health Organization estimates as many as 50% of illicit online pharmacies are selling counterfeit medications.

And in a 2014 annual report, the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy in the United States concluded after sampling more than 11,000 Internet pharmacies that a staggering 96% of those pharmacies did not comply with NABP patient safety and pharmacy practice standards, or state and federal laws, and were deemed by the NABP as “not recommended.”

Generic Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is a licensed medication that serves as an aid for erectile dysfunction or impotence. It helps patients have a total ability to achieve erection consistently – firm enough for sexual intercourse. Furthermore, if you experience any side effects or if the 50 mg. dosage seem to have been tolerated by your body and the strength doesn’t seem to work well for you – again, consult your health care provider about it. You’ll most likely be advised to increase or decrease your dosage. 100 mg. is the maximum dose of Viagra that can be taken in a day. Also, you may take Generic Viagra with or without food.

This medication works by blocking the chemical PDE5. This chemical is responsible for the blockage of blood to flow through the penis – causing the muscles in the penis to constrict. As PDE5 is blocked, the blood is then allowed to stay longer in the penis, causing it to maintain an erection. The more blood flowing in the penis means erection can be achieved. Very prompt delivery! It was worth spending a few extra dollars just for getting the drugs I need on time. I can’t wait for my next order to arrive. Thank you! I have ordered some of your oral impotence remedies for my husband a few weeks ago and they really helped us improve our sex life. I have told all my friends about your website.


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